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Drowsy driving is a more serious issue than some believe

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Many Nebraska residents have the obligation of handling responsibilities even when they are tired. Often, you are not at liberty to miss work or not take your kids to school just because you did not get enough sleep the night before. So, while you may wish you could simply stay curled up in bed for a few more hours, you likely have to make yourself get up and fight the yawns through your morning routine.

Of course, fatigue can pose serious risks, especially if you get behind the wheel of your vehicle while tired. You may feel as if you have no other choice, but if you drive while drowsy, you increase the chances of causing a serious car accident.

Is it really a big deal?

It may seem like driving on little rest is not a major issue, but drowsiness can seriously inhibit your and other drivers’ abilities. You may have a slower reaction time in the event that you need to suddenly stop or steer out of the way. You may pay less attention due to yawning, having a foggy brain and continually drooping eyelids. Your decision-making ability may even be impaired.

Additionally, thousands of crashes occur every year with drowsiness acting as a contributing factor. These incidents are not minor, either. Serious injuries and deaths occur regularly as a result of drowsy driving crashes.

When are you too tired to drive?

As mentioned, you may still get behind the wheel in the morning because you need to go to work or have other obligations to address. You may not even think that you are too tired to drive at the time. However, if you notice yourself carrying out any of the following actions, it is time to pull over:

  • Missing your turn, road or exit
  • Yawning continuously
  • Blinking frequently
  • Being unable to remain in your lane of travel
  • Having difficulty remembering the distance you have traveled
  • Drifting to the side of the road

Of course, other signs could also point to your being too tired to drive, and it is wise to pay attention to what your body and your actions are telling you. It is better to call someone for a ride than put yourself and others at risk of an accident due to drowsiness.

What if someone else causes an accident?

Even if you do your best to refrain from drowsy driving, another driver may not take such precautions. As a result, you could end up as one of the numerous people injured in such crashes. If so, you may want to explore your legal options for seeking compensation.

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