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A drunk driving conviction can cost you dearly

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With the start of the holiday season, you may already have a calendar full of parties and get-togethers for the coming weeks. Between family, friends and co-workers, you may have more festivities than you can handle. Many of these activities will offer alcoholic beverages, and you will want to use good sense, especially if you are driving.

Driving after drinking is extremely dangerous. In an average year, 10,000 people or more die in drunk driving accidents. This is why Nebraska and other states have strict laws and penalties related to drunk driving. Perhaps you are already facing charges for DWI. If so, you would be wise to begin building a strong defense since the consequences of a conviction can be devastating personally and financially.

The financial impact of DWI

The cost of human life is obviously the most critical consideration before you get behind the wheel after drinking. However, even if you are not involved in an accident, you may face significant setbacks, especially financially. Some of the common fees and expenses you may face if a court convicts you of DWI include the following:

  • Bail, jail fees, and the cost of towing and impoundment of your vehicle after your arrest
  • A fine after your conviction, which can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars
  • The cost of any routine urine tests, drug or alcohol assessment, alcohol education or alcohol treatment the court requires
  • Fees for the supervision of your probation and community service
  • The cost of installing an ignition interlock if the court orders
  • The hike in your car insurance rates if you are able to find an insurer who will cover you
  • The cost of having your license reinstated after your suspension is over

These may be only the beginning of the financial burden you may bear if a court convicts you of DWI. It is also possible that your arrest or conviction will result in the loss of your job, your professional licensing or future opportunities for pursuing the career of your dreams. Even if this does not happen, you may still lose time at work while you deal with your legal situation, and this could have an impact on your finances in a very real way.

While the holidays may be merry and bright, you may not share in the joy if you have a DWI charge hanging over your head. For the best chances of obtaining the most positive outcome possible for your case, you may wish to learn how a Nebraska attorney can assist you with your defense against the charges.

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