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Fatal motor vehicle accidents rising in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are times that a car crash may be just a small inconvenience, but when it results in a loss of life, it can have a ripple effect across the lives of the victim’s family members. Vehicle manufactures, lawmakers and other experts have found many ways to reduce the chances that motor vehicle accidents will prove fatal, though unfortunately, they cannot eliminate collisions altogether. Still, fatal crash rates across the country have gone down thanks to their efforts. Here in Nebraska, some recent and troubling statistics were recently released that seem to contradict that idea, and experts are concerned about what it may mean for families across the state.

The American Automobile Association found that the number of people who have died in a car crash, as of Dec. 17, 2019, is 240. When it compared that figure with the average of the previous five years, from 2014-2018, it discovered that it is an increase of 18 people. That means deaths for this year are already 8% higher than the average number for the past five years.

What’s especially concerning is the fact that the current year isn’t over. Since the holiday season often means a great deal of travel, there is the potential for more fatal car crashes to occur. If so, this year could be the highest number of roadway fatalities since 2007, when 256 people died in car crashes.

Fortunately, AAA has a few safety tips that may keep people safer in a car crash. The first is to ensure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt. It was also noted that it is advisable to put any heavy, unrestrained items in the trunk.

Those who are unfortunate enough to be hurt in a car crash here in Nebraska, or have lost a loved one, may not know where to turn for help. An attorney with experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death cases can be a valuable resource. Civil litigation may be the best way to hold those responsible for motor vehicle accidents financially accountable.

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