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Is boating while intoxicated dangerous?

Alcohol use while boating is still dangerous, even though some people believe it's not. When you're intoxicated, you could make poor decisions that can impact your ability to stay safe or keep your passengers safe. Drinking and driving is banned for good reason. Boating while intoxicated is just as dangerous as driving that way.

DUIs and college life: How a night out could hurt your future

You want to have a good time with friends you meet at college, and it's normal for people your age to go out drinking together. What you didn't count on was finding out your designated driver was intoxicated. You decided to take the risk and drive home yourself, because you knew that he couldn't handle it. Unfortunately, you were over the limit as well.

Waiving your rights: Keeping your driving privileges

If you receive a DUI and may have your license revoked, you have a right to challenge that decision by attending a hearing. Remember that if you lose the hearing, you won't be able to get an ignition interlock permit (IIP) and could have your right to the IIP delayed by up to six months until your case is heard in court.

Avoid a DUI this holiday season with these tips

Hundreds of people lose their lives every year because of drunk drivers. The national average each year just in the week between Christmas and the New Year is 500 fatalities related to drunk driving. The sad part about this is that nearly all of those incidents could have been avoided.