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Nebraska police cracking down on drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2017 | Uncategorized

With spring officially here, people are more likely to be getting out of the house, going to dinner or happy hour with friends and celebrating holidays like St. Patrick’s Day; young people are going on spring break, and sports fans are welcoming the start of baseball season.

These springtime activities often go hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption, and police in Nebraska know this. In fact, police are often on the lookout for drunk drivers during this time of year, and the chances of being pulled over and arrested for DUI can be higher than usual.

This can be particularly true when police announce a period of increased DUI enforcement. These efforts are regularly made around holidays, long weekends and other times when there may be more people drinking and driving.

Recently, for instance, local police and Nebraska State Patrol officers increased patrols for DWI across the state. The NSP arrested 15 people for suspected drunk driving on St. Patrick’s Day alone. In Omaha, 35 people were arrested for drunk driving in less than 10 days of increased patrols.

What this means is that police focusing on arresting drunk drivers will be on the lookout for mistakes that might have gone overlooked just a few weeks ago. This might include slight swerving, a driver not wearing a seat belt and other seemingly minor traffic violations.

However, whether there are increased patrols or not, you have rights as a driver in Nebraska. You are protected from unlawful traffic stops and unreasonable searches, and you do not have to admit anything to police without talking to an attorney. Further, even if you have already been arrested, you still have the right to defend yourself against DWI charges.

Remembering these basic rights can help you make informed decisions and protect yourself and your rights in the coming weeks if police arrest you for suspected DWI in Nebraska.

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