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A criminal record can impact your schooling in Nebraska

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Uncategorized

A criminal background check does have the potential to reduce your career possibilities after you’re convicted of a crime. There are certain kinds of jobs that require background checks, like those that require you to work with the vulnerable.

In Nebraska, if you’re a student at the University of Nebraska who is looking to work in hospitals, community agencies, with children or with the vulnerable, you may need to have a background check before you can be placed into the program. The background check is unable to be substituted for the safety of those individuals. All undergraduates and graduates who are pursuing degrees or education in early childhood programs, renewing their endorsements, obtaining their initial teacher certification or job shadowing must have this background check. Others may need the check as well.

If you have a change in your criminal history at any time, you must report it immediately to the Certification Officer at the school. Simply changing majors may not help you avoid a background check, because moving to different programs may still necessitate background checks for various purposes.

A criminal background check could make it harder for you to participate in the classes and activities you need to graduate. If you’re struggling with accusations of crimes against children, drug crimes or even a DUI, you need to defend yourself. If you have crimes and convictions on your record, it puts you in a precarious position, but your attorney can help. Our website has more information on what you can do to give yourself the best chance of a future.

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