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Divorce rates drop off at 23 years old

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2018 | Family Law

Divorce can happen to anyone, at any age. Some studies have talked about the recent rise in gray divorce, which happens with couples over 50 years old. By no means is divorce just something for young people.

However, studies have also found that divorce is most common for those who get together early on in their lives. Those who get married before the age of 23 are far more likely to get divorced than those who wait until that crucial point in their lives. That’s when the rate drops off significantly.

This held true for both marriage and cohabitation. While some have speculated that living together before marriage makes divorce more likely, this study said age was a much bigger indicator.

The divorce rate for those who got married or moved in together at 18 years old came in at a stunning 60 percent. The rate for those who got married or moved in together at 23 years old fell all the way to 30 percent.

There are many potential factors. For one thing, people who are 23 tend to be done with college and starting careers, which gives them more financial stability. They are at clearly different points in their lives than those who are 18. Experience picking partners may come into play, as well. Younger couples with less experience may choose people that they ultimately are not all that compatible with for a long-term relationship.

Regardless of your age or how your relationship began, if you and your partner do wind up moving toward a divorce, make sure you know what legal rights you have.

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