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It takes 2 to create the right criminal defense strategy

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2018 | Criminal Defense

Over the years, we have learned that many defendants in Lincoln, Nebraska, expect their criminal defense lawyer to make all of the important decisions on their behalf. While there is no underestimating the importance of hiring the right attorney, defendants charged with any criminal activity should take an active role in the process.

When an attorney and a defendant work together cooperatively, it improves the chances of creating an effective criminal defense strategy. Beginning with the initial consultation, the candid discussions you have with your lawyer lay a sturdy foundation upon which to build a winning defense. This is the case with a misdemeanor DUI charge as well as with serious felony charges like assault or homicide.

As your attorney learns more about you and the details of your case, he or she will gain a better understanding of how to defend you to the court. At the same time, you will be able to tell your personal story to someone that will truly listen and use your own life experience to strengthen your case. This kind of mutual sharing and strategizing makes a good recipe for success when it is time to go before a judge.

Not many people understand that the “picture” of an alleged crime contains more than the eye can see. A criminal defense attorney with experience, vision and strategic skill is one of these people. As you come to trust your lawyer, you will see that it really does take the both of you working together to fight the charges against you effectively. We invite you to explore our website to discover other ways a defense attorney will advocate for you from start to finish.

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