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Do the holidays cause people to get a divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2019 | Family Law

The reasons for getting a divorce are nearly as varied as the people who have them. When experts talk with couples about why they chose to get a divorce, there are often multiple reasons, including financial disagreements or infidelity. There is one factor that professionals say often contributes to a divorce that many people may be surprised to learn. Apparently, the holiday season can be a catalyst, as many people in Nebraska and elsewhere file for divorce after the new year.

One survey revealed that divorce filings went up by a third after the holiday season had ended. Other experts say these types of findings do not surprise them. They say that the pressures that families often place on themselves to have a happy holiday can, ironically, be very stressful. There are often disagreements about the financial aspects of the holidays, and each spouse may have different expectations regarding how they think the holiday should go.

Experts say that communication at this time of year is key. Each person should listen to and understand just what the other person expects and wants. Some even say that setting a budget for gift giving can help prevent arguments.

Even with these suggestions, many people will still make the choice to get a divorce once the holiday season passes. Those here in Nebraska who decide to file may want to contact an attorney with extensive experience in handling family law proceedings. It may be the best way for everyone to get a fresh new start and look forward to the next holiday season.

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